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Ryan Carpenter's research on forces on boats.

Jimmy Russell and Michael Holten's research on drag vs water depth

Katie Johnson and Melanie Broome's research on center of gravity and tipping

Chelsea Beebe and Chris Hamilton's research on force and draw on a bow and arrow





Chelsey Bowman and Becky Alexander's research on trebuchet range and projectile mass.

Jaclyn Thiessen and Kathryn McIvor's research on acoustics

Xavier Champagne, Kevin Fogart, and Eddie Scheckmann's research on bullet speed versus grains of gunpowder.

Nick Loftin's research on ethanol cannons

Stephen Asai, Thomas Graf, and Bryce Peterson's research on catapult arm length

Eric Eto and Spencer Glazier's research on index of refraction and density

Christine Brecunier and Cornelia Geiger's research on flow rate and hole diameter

Andrew Plambeck, Stuart Morrice, and Gary Corr's research on air cannon trajectories.

David Spackman and Bryan O'Halloran's research on sling length vs. range for a trebuchet.

Shawn Wooten, Chris Lotspeich, Morgan Harnew, and Drew Hawthorne's research on weight versus speed of a boat

Alex Dauenhauer, Whitney Moore, and Holly Hahn's research on the effect of trebuchet counterweight mass

Rachelle Geyer and Danica Speer's research on Trebuchet range vs. counterweight mass

Hayden Ausland and Ken Morril's research on BB gun velocity vs. pumps.

Lisa Jacobson's research on density of water and frequency of wine glass vibrations

Heather Jacobson's Research on sand dune shape and wind velocity

Kris Watson and Andy Rice's Flame Tornado page

Brent Hamilton and Trevor "le grand T" Gamache's research on computer simulation of effect of trebuchet counterweight mass

Male Concealable Armor VestBrian Kim, Seth Sutherland, and Tyler Yokoyama's research on bullet impact beneath body armour

Angela Buck and Linsday Pierce's research on Airsoft velocity of impact vs Distance from target

Tony Cintron's research on temperature and evaporation rate.