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Daniel Ehmig and Sinh Tri's Project on Satellite Elevation and Velocity


Simon Barton and Evan Vallejos's research on Mento Geyser height vs Temperature


Megan Kamiya and Paula Collins's research on the effect of Mass on Trebuchet Range


Nick Hansen, Dinidu Gunasena and Taylor Petersen's research on the effect of Cocking Distance on Ballista Range


Anna Black, Maddie Richardson, and Ellen McKean's research on the Effect of Temperature on the Spring Constant of Rubber Bands


Erik Brady's research on Using Nodal Patterns to Move Objects


Andrew Shin and Jered Yagi's research on Mass and Surface Area effect on Magnetic Field


Christian Bennett, Erich Helmreich, Alec Rietman's research on Fuel Mass effect on Cannon Performance


Patrice Suen, Nina Yang, Nick Miller, and Margaret Campbell's research on Pellets Penetrating Gelatin from Different Heights


David Albert and Spencer Ericksen's research on Sound Attenuation at Different Frequencies


Casey Riscoe, Hope Titus, Mary Bywater, and Matt Taylor's research on Wine Glass Resonance with Different Amounts of Water


Matt Menacho and Jason Wang's research on Tuck and Angular Velocity Flipping from the Rings


Branden Fletcher, Jason Cross, John Cavassa, and Riley Compton's analysis of Airsoft BB Kinetic Energy at Different Distances

Mackenzie Humble, Martin Locklin, Moira Todd and David Harris's research on Rocket Engine Performance

Jason Rotta, Jordan Raffo, Evan Loen, and Cameron France's research on the Effect of Potato Cannon length on Range

Morgan Johnstone, James Stallkamp, and Fabianny Anez's research on Wine Glass Frequency vs. Water Depth