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Glenn and Scott Hershberger's research on the effect of weight on terminal velocity

Alex Brown's research on rocket parachutes

Robbie Ellis, Nick Hines, Tyler Snyder, Blake Reser, Libby Banse-Fay, and Robbie Price's research on paintball gun velocities

Griffin Jack, Derek Maidel, Brock Hulse, Kevin Haudbine, Jacob Friedhoff, and Justin McGowan's research on magnetic guns

Adam Mitchell and Grey Patterson's reserach on temperature effects on golf ball bounce

Jon Peters, Levi Arbuckle, and Jonny Torgeson's research on temperature and bounce

Sarah Lemieux, Alyssa Fuji, Jennie Shen, and Ann Kuan's research on the effect of temperature on resistivity

Jaspar Perkins, J.J. Paulson, Dan Espinoza, and Ryan Link's research on crossbow design and launch velocity

Nicole Meyer, Gator Pizer, Lilly Price, Miranda Saari, and Maddy Souza's research on stroboscopic analysis of oscillating water streams

Charles Campbell, Tyler Inberg, Mike Jansen, James Olsen, and Ace Leben's research on the effect of projectile mass on trebuchet range

Chris Souza, Nico Arellano, Madiba Sutton, and Ryan Matsuo's research on magnetic guns

Louise Clark and Davin Jhattu's research on air cannon design