IB Research 06 .:. Go Up

The Sweet Spot of a Bat

Rachel Bywater
Carlyn Re
Microwave Energy

Jessi Hadwin


Sound Pressure Level Variations and Response Due to Ambient Fluid Coupling Aperture Geometries

Stephen Newberry
Ryan Larson
Tomas Farnsworth


A Series of unfortunate beheadings

Jennifer Conner
Free Throw Physics

Kate DePaepe


Freezing Water in High Gravity

Dan Bachhuber
Kari Yeung
Lindsay Portnuff


Spectral components on Various types of pianos

Aimee Chung
The Shape of Static Charge

Kelsey Greene


Melting Times in Sugar Water and Saltwater Solutions
Casey Helton
Ben Cullick


An Inquiry into the Flow Rates of Water

Brian Luscombe
Kyle Knudsen
Isaac Wilcott


Impact Crater Analysis

Reid Phillips
Jesse Scott
Ed Park
The Flamethrower

Billy Rogers

Methanol Cannon

J. Michael Harrison
Jon White
Carl Glissmeyer

You Repulse Me

Kate Alexander
Katie Eichelberger
Tonya Hahn
The Effects of Pendulum Height on Circular Vortex Velocity

Andy Ferrera
Jason France
Shane Lofgren
Naomi Todd 


Wind Tunnel Dynamics

Dana Hawthorne
Dry Ice Cannon
Brant McGee
Ben Carr
Sam Koch
Nick Young
Amanda Willis


Fluid Dynamics: Darcy's Law

Kevin Shump
Voice Harmonics

Joe Intile
Jake Webb
The Effect of Stride Length and Knee Rise on Efficiency in Runners

Lane Johnson
The Ballista

Zak Holt
Justin Layton
The Effect of Ports and Acoustic Foam on Frequency Range of a Loudspeaker

Matt McGrath
Maarja Saar
The Tubular Catapult

Riena Kalilimoku
Abby Spackman
Temperature vs. Resistivity

Alex Banse-Fay