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slide6.jpg (50134 bytes)Ryan Kumler and Aaron Pride's research on Archery

Sam Baker and his research on "Salt in Pipes"

Elise Kubisiak and Shannon Lacey and their research on friction with HotWheels

John Fellows and Lauren dePaepe and their research on Hot Wires

220Roberta Gannett, Cassie Miura and Allie Nishitani and their Cloud Chamber project.

Brian Jones, Cole Peyton, and David Shriver and their catapult research.

Trina Kalilimoku and Maike Scheller's research on sand Blowing in the Wind.

Tim Archer and Connie Wong's air cannon research.

Image92Will Renwick and his Gauss cannon page.

Ashley Baird and Julia Buck and their parachute research page.

Lauren Helton and Jennifer Ng and their flame tornado page.

Paul Pham and his research on ballistics

Steve Finlayson and Mark Ossanna and their research Drop Bucket

Zack Ham and Joey Punzel and their air cannon research

index.2.jpg (13166 bytes)Sean Mann, Alex Najdek, and David Pucknell and their research on gas propelled projectiles 

Casey Sparks and his research on binary orbits