Research Projects from 2001-2002 .:. Go Up

Greg Winterrowd and Colin Leland on potato cannon barrel length and launch velocity

Adam Bonica and Will Gannett on Discharge rate vs total energy stored in a battery

Nina Murthy and Brittany Thom on temperature and spring coefficient of rubber bands

Matt Mellinger and Daniel Maynard on Paintball gun velocity

Marina Vasvary on Trebuchet Design

Leif Zimmerman on power output vs ramp incline for a motorized car

Jordan Carlson and Andy Lee on sedimentation rates

microwave.gifJosh Furman on microwave oven energy distribution

Rachel Dexter and Lael Shea on Stretch angle of the hamstring vs warmup

Brian Hupy on Trebuchet Mechanics

Adam Bell and air friction vs velocity

David Harms and Steve Kapfer on air friction vs circle diameter

Vibrating string imageNick Mancuso on Guitar String Harmonics