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Nicole Janes, Sarah Paul, Marissa Rietman, and Emily Wisler's research on Flowrate and Water Wheel Power Output



Bailee Johnstone, Allan Sanders, and Vanessa Chizum's research on Water Rocket Hang Time  vs Pressure and Water Amount


Brandon Yee, Austin Green, and CJ Michael's research on the Effect of Temperature on the Rebound of Golf Balls


Paige Petersen, Jenna Harden, and Ainsley Taylor's research project on Coefficient of Restitution


Braden Ackles and Ethan Joshi's research on Magnetic Fields and  Iron Core Solenoids


Matthias Weislogel, Eric Goessens, Emma Williams, Ryan Elder, Nicholas Cross, Kyle McAnnis, and Connor Thurman's research on Neon Tetras in Zero Gravity Droplets


Miranda Steed and Rose Newberry's research on Billiard Ball Rebound Velocity


Joe Hernandez, Drew McGovern, Nils Hagberg, John Cameron, Spencer Herriges and David McKean's research on Hovercraft design and Construction


Rachel Cui, Susi Bernal, and Andrea Guerra's research on Balloon Drop Height and Splash Radius


Ryan Houlberg, David Johanessen, Noah Peterson, Jonny Tri, and Caleb Peterson's research on Hotwheels Energy Lost over Distance


Aaron Oswald's research on Air Cannon Volume and Launch Velocity


Conor Somervell's research on Voltage and Motor Speed


Amanda Johnson and Ludwig Avendao's research on Magnetic Force and Distance.