Whatsonna Work and Energy | Go Up

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Page 1 Motor lifts an elevator up with friction

Potential energy

Power work and time

Energy loss

Force of friction

Conservation of energy6:31, 63, 75



Page 2 Person pushing a box up an incline

Potential energy

Kinetic energy


Force of friction

Force to move up the plane at a constant velocity

Energy: 7, 9, 10

6:31, 63, 75

Quiz 6.8:2


Page 3 Pile driver


Velocity of impact

Force exerted


Energy question

Quiz 6.8:4

6:58, 63, 37


Page 4 Rollercoaster

Total energy

Greatest Velocity

Force of brakes


Velocity at a certain elevation

6:40, 58

Energy:6, 7, 9