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1. A 362 gram object experiences an unbalanced force of 2.31 N. What is its acceleration?

F = ma

2.31 N = (.362 kg)(a)

a = 6.38 m/s2

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2. A 0.459 kg ball stops from +31 m/s in a distance of +0.17 m. What net force acted on the ball? What direction is the force?

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3. Tycho exerts a force of 23 N sideways on a box and it moves at a constant speed. When he exerts 47 N of force, the box accelerates at 5.2 m/s/s in the direction he pushes. What is the box’s mass?

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4. A 1217 kg elevator moving 5.2 m/s downward stops in 1.17 s. What must be the tension in the supporting cable as it is stopping?

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5. A 63.0 kg mass accelerates at 2.16 m/s/s down a 35.0o incline. What force must be acting along the plane for this to happen? What direction is the force?

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