By Steven Gaskill, 2001

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Methods 1
Results 1
(Conclusion Part 1)
Methods 2
Results 2
(Conclusion Parts 1 & 2)

The purpose of this experiment was to find a relationship in between magnetic eddy current force, velocity and magnetic field when a conducting plate is moving over a magnet. To find the magnetic field at the distances I used in finding the eddy current force, I had to extrapolate my values from an equation. However, the equation yields unreasonable answers. I was able to come up with a possible explanation though, that the power to which the radius is taken decreases with the radius. I continued with the experiment and found that the relationship between the velocity and eddy current force was linear. The relationship between the force and distance suggests that either the magnetic field begins to reduce to be proportional to r1.278 at a distance of 2.54mm to 8.89mm, or that the relationship between the eddy currents and magnetic field is not linear but a power function where the magnetic field is taken to some fractional power, such as 1/3.