What’s on the Chapter 2 and 3 Test .:. Projectile Motion Worksheet Solutions .:. Go Up

Cliff Problem on YouTube .:. Arc Problem on YouTube .:. Yet more review stuff!!


Do 3 out of 4 pages:


Page 1 – A car slowing down from one speed to another speed.  

Questions about acceleration, distance, final velocity, and stopping distance.  Study problem 19, 23 from chapter 2


Page 2 – A rocket is launched straight up in the air.  

Questions about time to the top, height, initial and final velocities, velocity at a particular elevation, velocity at a particular time.  Study How Far III #1 (especially) and also #8


Page 3 – A cliff problem

Questions about the height of the cliff, time in the air, horizontal distance, vertical and horizontal velocity, velocity of impact as an angle magnitude vector and position at a particular time or elevation.  Extremely very much like Projectile Motion #1 and a bit like Projectile motion #2


Page 4 – An arc trajectory problem.

Questions about initial x and y components, time in the air, range, speed at the highest point, greatest height.  Angle magnitude velocity at a particular elevation, and elevation at a particular horizontal distance.  Study Projectile Motion #5 and #6