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4 pages, cross off one


26:3 = like problem from chapter 26, #3

26-4 = conceptual question from reading chapter 26, section 4


1General Relativity and Expansion of Universe

Curved space (33-3)

Rate of clocks running (like whiteboards)

Black Holes (33-3) find Schwarzschild radius, do gravitational time dilation.  (like the noteguide)

Red Shift (33:29)

Hubble’s Law (33:25)


2. H-R Diagrams and star types

HR Diagrams (general) (33-2)

HR Diagrams (conceptual) (33-2)

Types of stars(33-2)

H-R Diagrams (33:36)

Spectral type/Dark line spectra (from lecture, Read 27-9 on p. 841 - really read it.  No one gets this question right)


3. Stars and brightness

Luminosity and brightness (Astro:1-7)

Magnitudes (Astro:8-10)

Distance to stars and brightness (Astro:11-12)

HR Diagrams, brightness and distance (Astro:13-14)

Parallax question (33:2 (3.6 pc))

4. Stellar Evolution

Formation of Protostars (from lecture)

Stellar dynamics - stability of a star (33-2)

Creation of elements in a star (33-2)

Helium in a main sequence star (33-2)

Basic outline of stellar evolution (33-2)