Whatsonna mock IB Paper II test for chapters 18-19: Go up

Do all of section A, and 2 out of 3 from section B

*18:35 - means chapter 18 problem 25, 18-8 means read the section 18-8 in the book

A:- Like resistance of wire lab and graphing prelab. 

Explain Ohm's Law in terms of electric field and force. 

Graph data for a resistor, add error bars, find slope of best fit line, max and min slope, power with uncertainty.  Study the example at IBDocs>IA>"Teacher Support">"Errors..." - scroll way down to the graph with the slope lines and error bars.  It is exactly like this. (This is exactly like your graphing PreLab)
Video For how to do it by hand: Resistance of a wire lab graph (1/2) | Resistance of a wire lab graph (2/2)

Calculate power and uncertainty of power using propagation of uncertainty

B1- Alternating current and RMS

Read peak voltage and period from graph. 

Calculate RMS voltage and frequency (Like oscilloscope lab),

Explain RMS (Read 18-7),

calculate resistance.  

Very like 18:35, 41, 43, 44, 45. ( From the old book) and  18: 43, 45, 47 from the current book*

B2 - Heater heating up a cup of water. -

current, charge,

number of electrons,

power, energy,

change in temperature (read 14-3),

explain heat loss (Read 14-6, 7, 8)

Very similar to PQ 18#4, and Ch 18 problem 41 (but 100% efficient)

B3 - Fairly simple network circuit. 




terminal voltage of a battery. 

Easier than Circuit Exercise 3A, Read 19-1, Use Equation 19-1 - has to do with terminal voltage