Whatsonna Linear Kinematics test (Chapter 2) | Go Up

Four pages, cross off 1 whole page.


Page 1

Red Elk jumps up from a diving board, and hits the water. 

Velocity hitting the water, distance, velocity at a certain time, height to the top, graph of motion Like HFIII 3 and 4 Review GraphsOfMotion


Page 2

Student shoots a rocket straight up into the air.

Time to the top, initial and final velocities, velocity at a particular time, or elevation, greatest height.  VERY like HFIII #1


Page 3

Car slows down from something to something.  Like HF 2 and 7

Acceleration, average velocity, distance, time to stop, distance to stop.


Page 4

Airplane speeds up from rest.  (graph of motion)  like HF #8, HFII #8, #10 Review GraphsOfMotion

Average velocity, time on the ground, acceleration, velocity halfway down the runway, graph of motion.