Whatsonna Gravity and Circular Motion Test | Go Up

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Page 1

Mass going in circles on a turntable.  What is acceleration, what is the force, what if it slips?  Like CM #7, 11
Car going around a corner - what is lateral acceleration?  Like CM #5
Centripetal force question  Like CM #7


Page 2

Car goes around a corner using friction. Force of friction, acceleration, speed, speed if force is less?  Like Friction #4 (from the unit on force), CM #6
Banked corners - why do they work?


Page 3

Moon orbits a planet.  Force of gravity, orbital speed, acceleration.  Like O&G #2
Gravity question.  Like O&G #1
Vertical circle question.  Like O&G #-1


Page 4

A certain person flies a spaceship around a planet.  What is the velocity, acceleration, force, mass of the planet?  Like O&G #1, 8
Conceptual question about Orbit lab