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Newton's Second Law, By Krista Heim, 2001

1.   The net external force on the propeller of a 3.2 Kg model airplane is 7.0N forward.  What is the acceleration of the airplane?  

Here's what you know, m=3.2 kg, F=7.0 N, use the formula F = ma, so 7.0=3.2a, solve for a, a=2.2 m/s^2 forward.
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2.  The net external force on a golf cart is 390 N north.  If the cart has a total mass of 270 Kg, what are the magnitude and direction of its acceleration?

Here's what you know, F= 390 N north, m=270 kg, use the formula F = ma, 390=270a, solve for a, a=1.4 m/s^2 to the north.

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3.   A car has a mass of 1.5X10^3 Kg.  If the force acting on the car is 6.75X10^3 N to the east, what is the car's acceleration?  

Here's what you know, m=1.5X10^3 kg, F= 6.75X10^3 N east, use the formula F = ma, 6.75X10^3=1.5X10^3a, solve for a, a=4.5 m/s^2 to the east.  
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4.   A 2.0Kg otter starts from rest at the top of a muddy incline 85cm long and slides down to the bottom in 0.50 s.  What net external force acts on the otter along the incline?

Here's what you know, m=2.0 kg, vi=0m/s,Dx=.85 m, Dt=5 s, to find a, use the formula Dx = vi(Dt) + 1/2a(Dt)2,0.85=0(.5)+1/2a(.50)^2, solve for a, a=6.8 m/s^2.  Now use the formula F = ma, F=2.0*6.8, solve for F, F=14 N.  

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5.  A soccer ball kicked with a force of 13.5 N accelerates at 6.5 m/s^2 to the right.  What is the mass of the ball?  

Here's what you know, F=13.5 N, a=6.5 m/s^2 to the right, use the formula F = ma, 13.5=6.5m, solve for m, m=2.1 kg.  
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