Movies of a Sonic Boom .:. Go Up

These movies were gathered from the Internet in 2002 by a student of mine.  I don't know who took them, but I have put them here as I use them for teaching about sonic booms in conjunction with the Doppler effect.

Oh Crap! (1.4 Mb mpeg) - This is a mpeg of a super sonic fly by.  Notice that the airplane is well past the camera before you hear the boom.  (Mature language follows the boom - rhymes with "Oh spit!!!")

Small Boom (6.9 Mb mpeg) -  The airplane just barely breaks the sound barrier as they pass.  Notice the condensation in the wake of the airplane caused by the rapid change in pressure associated with the shock wave.

Shock Wave (1.3 Mb mpeg) - Classic shock wave with condensation in the air forms a perfect cone behind the plane as it breaks the sound barrier right in front of the camera