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Tom Duggan

Chris Murray

Justin Burch
Tom Duggan teaches two or three sections of General Physics. (Physics G) Tom received his Bachelors and his Master's degree from Portland State University. He coaches basketball.  He admires the computer skills of the other physics instructor and has to ask questions all the time.

Chris Murray teaches one section of General Physics (Physics G), three of first year IB Physics,  and two of second year IB Physics (IB Physics). He is a hard-working and honorable soul who also does most of the Web Page Maintenance.

Justin Burch is teaching two sections of general physics this Fall.  He is a new teacher for the school - he just graduated from OSU with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and from George Fox with an MAT in Teaching.  He is an experienced mechanical engineer.  People tell him that he looks like David Hasselhoff all the time. 
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