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IB Physics II

Prerequisites: Precalculus, IB Physics I (Or permission of the instructor)
Concurrent enrollment in Calculus is recommended.

This is a continuation of IB Physics I. (See course description) We will cover Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, and Einsteinian relativity. Students will be required to complete a scientific research project, and do some kind of teaching as a part of the course. You will also help out at Oaks Park at the end of the year.



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Electricity (Chapters 16 - 17)

We will study coulomb force, electric field vectors, electrostatics, induced charge, lightning, Voltage, accelerated particle problems, and go into a great deal of detail on circuits.  The labs are on electric field mapping,  and the Millikan oil drop experiment.

Currents and Circuits (Chapters 18 - 19)

We will study currents, ohm's law, and go into a great deal of detail on circuits, including series parallel, and networks of resistors and meters. We do a lab on ohm's law.

Magnetism and Induction (Chapters 20, 21)

We will study magnetism, solenoids, forces on current carrying wires, forces on charged particles, motion in a circle, mass spectrography, induction, and Lenz's Law.  The laboratory is the Current balance lab.

Atomic and Nuclear Physics (Chapters 27, 28, and  30)

This unit covers atomic models, the Bohr Atom, spectra, quantum mechanics, binding energy, radioactivity, decay mechanisms, decay rates, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion.  We will build a small scale nuclear reactor and use it to power the school for a week.

Relativity and Astrophysics (Chapters 30, 33)

We cover special relativity (time dilation, length contraction, simultaneity, mass dilation, and relativistic energy), general relativity (curvature of space, black holes), and astrophysics.


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Van De Graaf generator
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Millikan Lab
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Electromagnet lab
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Research Project


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Research Defense
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Decay Lab Simulation
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Oaks Park
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End of Year BBQ