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Oaks Park Week Syllabus






Description of the rides

Description of the lab

Demonstrate assembly of accelerometer

•Your Permission Slip

•Your Pre-Arranged


Make Data tables/Plan presentation

Sign up for your bus

Request data/video

Build your accelerometer

Watch a really disgusting video? (or Frames of Reference?)


Oaks Park Friday

Meet in room 37 before 7:45 if possible to get your ride bracelet, and accelerometer.    We will leave here at about 9:00, and arrive early at the park to get set up.  The park is open from 9-3. At 1:15, we will load busses, and we will get back to the school at 2:00.  If you did not pre-pay for your ride bracelet, and you have $8.75 cash exact change, I will sell the extra bracelets at 8:45.



•Your data table

•Writing utensil

•Calculator (optional)

•Bag lunch (optional?)

•Weather-appropriate clothing



General notes/tips

1. The single best thing you can do to make your lab successful is to make a nice data table.  Nice ones have blanks for every quantity you need to measure, and space for calculations right next to it.  Real nice ones have the formulas right there too.  Leave yourself more space than you think you'll need.

2. I have tried to anticipate which rides are open.  On Oaks park day some will be closed unexpectedly and some other unanticipated rides will be open.  I will allow reasonable substitutions - feel free to make up your own items to replace items from closed rides.

3. You will not get on the bus without a completed permission and prearranged form. 

4. Don't get sick.  Remember that the last ride of the day is the bus home.  (exhaust fumes, jiggity, jiggity, jiggity, etc.)