IB Physics
HTML Tutorial Assignment

The goal here is to make a tutorial page web page for physics on the topic of
your choice. I only want one tutorial per topic, so they are first come first served.
The format of the page you write should be as follows:
  1. Title of the page.
  2. By line.
  3. Table of contents. (linked to those parts)
  4. Brief explanation of all new quantities used in formulas, and identification of all symbols used. I will specify the title of your file and page, as well as these quantities at the top of the text file by the same name.
  5. Statement of the formulas used (formatted nicely)
  6. General problem solving strategy. Step by step list of how to solve problems.
  7. Two or more example problems done and explained using the step by step strategy you list out. (If there is only one type of problem, do two examples, if there are four different types of problems, you need to do four examples)
  8. A list of sample problems. I have these for various subjects.
  9. A list of solutions for the problems. (Brief outline showing which formulas to use, showing work for answer)
When you turn it in, you will need to Tips:
  1. You can "learn" HTML a number of ways. I read a small chapter from a book, looked at a few examples, and copied what I saw. There are a number of general guides at http://werbach.com/web/wwwhelp.html as well as a good reference called the "Bare Bones Guide to HTML" at http://werbach.com/barebones/ Of the guides, the one I used was the NCSA guide. I can recommend it.
  2. Sit down at a computer in the library and put a floppy disk in the drive. Run Netscape and surf to the Physics Tutorial Page. Go to the page "How Far" (This is an example I wrote), and then choose View Document Source from the View menu. This will run SimpleText and open up the HTML file as a text file. Now (In SimpleText) choose Save As from the File menu, go to the desktop, and save the implemented file on your floppy disk as "yourfile.html". ("yourfile" is a wildcard. You name it "Acceleration" if that is the page you are making. ;-) Now go back to Netscape, and go back to the Tutorial page, and then go to the text file that matches the name of your page. Choose View Document Source from the View menu again. Save these from SimpleText onto your floppy also. This is Netcrashproofing.
  3. Now you are set. Netscape is running, and SimpleText is running with two windows: "How Far" saved as "yourfile", and the text version ("yourfile.txt") of the problems you are using. Don't be scared when you look at the HTML file. All the things in are called tags, they tell Netscape or any other browser how to format and link the web page. An HTML file is just a text file. Take a bit of time, perhaps with your HTML guide in hand, going back and forth between Netscape and SimpleText looking at "How Far" and its document source. You will quickly learn what all the tags do.
  4. You can start editing "yourfile.html" now. Use things like copy and paste in SimpleText, and use "How Far" (My example) as a template so you don't have to make your own lists and subscripts. My editing sequence is like this.
    1. From Netscape, open the file "yourfile.html" on your floppy. (Open File from the File menu - your floppy is on the desktop)
    2. Edit in the text editor
    3. Save from SimpleText
    4. Go to Netscape
    5. Reload the file
    6. Check that it works so far
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 until done.