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Linear Kinematics Unit Syllabus

Text: Holt Physics – by Serway and Faughn. 



Due on this class[2]




-Hand out Course Policy

-Fill out information sheet

-Speed Trap/Uncertainty

-Tour of the Website assignment

-Data collection assignment for No reason to Speed

Bring: Your smiling face

Bring: Paper and pencil

Turn in: Completed information sheet

Turn in: Speed trap (In class) (indiv)






-Speed Whiteboard

-Review Dimensional analysis

-Tour o' th' Room

-Hand out Speed and Acceleration practice

Video (all): Tour of the Website

Bring: A calculator (every day hereafter :-)

Read: 2-1[3], 1-2 to 1-3

Read: This syllabus!


Sept 13/14

-Explain/assign  No reason to Speed Lab

In class time for:

-Speed Worksheet

-Work on No reason to Speed

Bring: Your data for No reason to Speed



Sept 15/16

-No Reason to Speed recap/Collect

-Quiz on Course Policy

-Grade quiz in class

-Vector nature of acceleration and velocity


Video: Vector Velocity (B)

Video: Acceleration (C)

Practice: Speed: 1-8

Turn in: No reason to Speed lab  (indiv)

Read: Course Policy


Sept 19/20

-More acceleration vf = vi + at

-Assign Lateral accelerometer take home lab.

-Graphs of position

Video: Acceleration with  vf = vi + at (D)

Practice: Speed: 9-16

Read: 2-2, pp 48-51


Sept 21/22

-Velocity v. time graphs

-Cha cha cha lab intro

-Hand out Formative Assessments on:

-FA 2.1 Speed

-FA 2.2 Acceleration

-Demo the Moving Plots equipment (Video Flip)

-In class time for Labs and FAs

Practice: Acceleration:  1-15

Turn in: Cha Cha Cha Lab note (group)



Sept 23/27

-Moving Plots equipment demo

-In class time for:

     -Moving Plots Lab

Video Flip: Moving Plots Lab Graphs

Practice: Acceleration: 16-25

Read: 2-2, pp51-58




-Finish up Moving Plots Lab graphs

-Finish FA 2.1, 2.2

-Questions from Speed and Acceleration FAs??

Video Flip: Moving Plots Lab Lines

Practice: P2A:1,3,5, P2B:1,3,5[4]



Sept 30/

Oct 3

-Tangent Lines for Moving Plots lab

-Summative Assessments on:

-SA 2.1 Speed

-SA 2.2 Acceleration

Turn in: Moving plots lab (Pairs)

Turn In:  FA 2.1 Speed

Turn In:  FA 2.2 Acceleration




-Figuring out how far L/D + WB/gravity = 9.8 m/s/s

-Hand out How Far worksheet

-Work on How Far 1-10

Video: How Far (E) (all 3 videos)



Oct 6/7

-Reaction time lab

-Hand out How Far II worksheet.

Class time to work on

-Reaction time lab

-How Far I and II worksheet

Video: Reaction Time Lab

Practice: How Far: 1-10

Check:[5] Practice 2.3 #1-5, 21, 22

Read: 2-3


Oct 10/11

-Measuring the Initial Velocity of an Air Rocket  lab

Class time to work on

-Air Rocket Lab Calculations

-How Far I and II worksheet

Video: Air Rocket Calculations

Check: Practice 2.3 #6-10, 23, 24

Practice: How Far II: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10

Turn in: Air Rocket Lab  (indiv)

Turn in: Reaction time lab  (indiv)


Oct 12/13

-Free Fall and Terminal velocity

-Advanced Free Fall Problems

-Hand out How Far III

Video: How Far Part II – Free Fall (F)

Practice: How Far II: 1, 2, 3, 4, 9

Turn in: Practice 2.3 #1-10, 21-24[6]


Oct 17/18

-More Advanced Free Fall Problems

-Prep for air rocket comp.: The Range Equation (magic!)

Practice: How Far III:  1,3

Check: Practice 2.4 #1, 2, 3



Oct 19/24

-Warmup – calculate angle

-Reminder about lateral Accelerometer assignment…

-Air Rocket Competition: Hitting a target

Video (all): Range Equation

Practice: How Far III: 4, 7, 8

Check: Practice 2.4 #4, 5, 6


Oct 25/26

-Formative Assessments on:

-FA 2.3 Basic Kinematics

-FA 2.4 Free Fall kinematics

Practice: P2F:1,2(22.1 m/s, 2.3 s),3,4(3.7 m, 0.77 s),5

Turn In: Practice 2.4 #1-6


Oct 27/28

-Accelerometers judged

 -Summative Assessments on:

-SA 2.3 Basic Kinematics

-SA 2.4 Free Fall Kinematics

-Finish your lateral accelerometer lab writeup?

Turn In:  FA 2.3 Basic Kinematics

Turn In:  FA 2.4 Free Fall Kinematics

 Bring: Your lateral accelerometer

Turn in: Your completed Lateral Accelerometer lab write-up signed by your parents.  (indiv)



·         7 Labs:

o    Speed Trap Lab – Timing cars,   No handout /20 pts  (indiv)

o    No Reason to Speed Lab – Spreadsheet and questions /40 pts  (indiv)

o    Air Rocket Lab – Initial velocity outdoors, No handout /30 pts  (indiv)

o    Reaction Time Lab – Dropping meter stick  /20 pts  (indiv)

o    Moving Plots Lab – tape timer and cart /40 pts (pairs)

o    Plot Matching Lab – matching the plots on the computer/written note saying you did it. No handout /20 pts (group)

o    Rocket Competition – No write-up required

o    Lateral Accelerometer Lab – Do at home, bring the jar+writeup on the day after the test/20   (indiv)

·         2 Formative Homework  Assignments:

o    Practice 2.3 #1-10, 21-24/28 pts

o    Practice 2.4 #1-6/30 pts

·         4 Formative/Summative Assessments: (10 pts ea)

o    2.1 Speed

o    2.2 Acceleration

o    2.3 Basic Kinematics

o    2.4 Free Fall Kinematics


















[1] This is the block of the syllabus, and the numbers that follow are the dates that they will happen, the first is for A day classes, the second for B.

[2]Note that this column is for things to be brought to class turned in, or done before the beginning of class.

[3] This is section 2-1.  It starts on page 40 of your textbook.

[4] These are practice problems from the book.  P2A is Practice 2A on page 44.  

[5] These practice problems will be stamped at the beginning of class, and they will be turned in as formative work.  Do them on a separate piece of paper.  This is your homework!!!  If you want an extra stamp, put the problem on the board, and be able to explain it.

[6] Turn this in all stapled together if you used different sheets.  Label it "Practice 2.3" :-)