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Linear Kinematics (Chapter 2) Syllabus


Text: Physics 6th edition by Douglas Giancoli  



Due on this class[2]




-Check out textbooks?

-Calculating Speed/Sig Figs

-Speed Trap lab outside

-Hand out Syllabus/Course Policy

-Website Assignment (Watch Video)

-Information card

Bring: Your smiling face

Bring: Paper and pencil

Turn in: Completed information card





-Calculating Uncertainty

-Vector nature of velocity

-Hand out Uncertainty Worksheet

-Finish Speed Trap Lab in class

Video: Tour of the website

Bring: A calculator (every day hereafter :-)

Read: This Syllabus (All the footnotes)

Turn in: Speed trap (from block 1)


Sept 13/14

-Velocity and Acceleration

-Hand out the IB Data Booklet

-Velocity, acceleration, displacement

-Tips for Book Problems

Video: Velocity and Acceleration (C)

Video: Velocity, acceleration, displacement (D)

Practice: Uncertainty Worksheet

Read: 2.1-5[3]


Sept 15/16

-Quiz on Course policy

-Grade quiz in class/ Tour of the room

-Hand out How Far I & III

-Unit conversions for Physics

-More velocity, acceleration, displacement

Video: Unit Conversions (E)

Practice: 2:1,15[4],17,19,21, 23[5]

Read: Course Policy, 2.6


Sept 19/20

-Hand out Graphs of Motion

-Position time graphs

-Velocity time graphs

-Demo Plot Matching Lab

-Finish Graphs of Motion 1 and 2

Video: Graphs of motion 1 – position (F)

Video: Graphs of motion 2  - velocity (G)

Read: 2.8

Practice: How Far I : #2, 3, 5, 7, 9



Sept 21/22

-Free Fall and Terminal Velocity Demos

-Solving Free fall problems

-Work on 2.4 #1, 2, 4

Video: Free Fall Problems (H) (17:23!)

Read: 2.7

Practice: Graphs #1, and #2


Sept 23/27

-More Solving Free Fall Problems

-Hand out Moving Plots/Air Rocket

-Hand out Formative Assessments:

-FA 2.3 Basic Kinematics

-FA 2.4 Free Fall Kinematics

-FA 1.1 Propagation of Uncertainty

Gather data for:

-Moving Plots lab

Check 2.4A: 1, 2, 4[6]

Practice: Problems from 2.3

Video Flip: Moving Plots Data Gathering




-Air Rocket Demo

Gather data for:

-Measuring the Initial Velocity of an Air Rocket lab[7]

In class time to work on the Rocket, Moving Plots, and Plot matching lab

-Work on 2.4 #3, 6, 8

Video Flip: Air Rocket Lab

Read: 2.7

Practice: How Far III #1, 3, 4, 7, 8, Problems from 2.4

Bring: A warm or rain coat ?

Video: Moving Plots Lab


Sept 30/

Oct 3

In class time to work on:

-Air Rocket lab (indiv)

-Plot Matching lab (indiv)

-Moving Plots lab (groups of 2)

Check 2.4B: 3, 6, 8

Practice: 2:26(35.9 m/s), 33, 35, 36(25 m, 4.5 s), 37, 34(2.4 s, or 28.4 m),47,48(27 m/s, 37 m, 1.4 s, 4.1 s)  

Turn In: P2.4 #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 (Formative)




Summative assessments on:

-SA 2.3 Basic Kinematics

-SA 2.4 Free Fall Kinematics

-SA 1.1 Uncertainty Propagation

In class time to work on Labs

Turn In: 2.4: 1, 2, 4 and 3, 6, 8

Turn in: FA 2.3

Turn in: FA 2.4

Turn in: FA 1.1


Beginning of vectors

Turn in:  Plot Matching lab affidavit

Turn in: Air rocket lab

Turn in: Moving Plots  lab



  • 4 Labs:
    • Speed Trap Lab – done the first day of class, written up the second day.  No handout
    • Air Rocket Lab - outdoors
    • Moving Plots Lab – tape timer and cart
    • Plot Matching Lab – matching the plots on the computer/written note saying you did it. No handout
  • 1 Quiz - (Formative)
    • Course Policy Quiz – study especially the bold items in the course policy
  • 1 Formative Homework: Practice 2.4 #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
  • 3 Formative/Summative Assessments:
    • 2.3 Basic Kinematics
    • 2.4 Free Fall Kinematics
    • 1.1 Propagation of Uncertainty



Lab - Air Rocket

Lab - Moving Plots

Misc - IB Data Booklet

Misc - Course Policy




Worksheet - How Far I and III

Worksheet -Graphs Of Motion


Syllabus-Linear Kinematics





[1] This is the block of the syllabus, and the numbers that follow are the dates that they will happen, the first is for A day classes, the second for B.

[2]Note that this column is for readings, things to be brought to class completed, or things to be turned in.  This is the due date for these things, not what you do after the class described to the left. So on block 2, for example, you will turn in your speed trap lab from the first day. The practice problems are problems like the material covered in the previous class.

[3]These are readings from your book.  You will understand class much better if you read the book even casually the night before.  Section 2.1 starts on page 19

[4] Notice the Roman numeral III after this problem in the book.  This means it is somewhat non-trivial.  Don’t spend a ton of time if you get stuck, but you should be able to do the other problems.  (Hint for 15 – calculate anything you can)

[5]These are your daily practice problems.  The “2:” in front of them means they are from Chapter 2. Other things are from worksheets.   Be sure to do the Problems, not the Questions.  (If you are IB, you should try to answer the questions as practice)  Solutions for many of the problems are on my website if you get stuck – answers to odd problems are in the back of the book and you need to check them yourself.   I put the answers to even numbered problems after that number in this syllabus.  It is up to you how many practice problems you do.

[6] This is homework I want to collect.  Show your work on a separate piece of paper, and at the beginning of class, we will put these on the board and answer questions.  I will stamp them, and if you want to write one on the board, I will give you an extra stamp.

[7]This lab is outdoors so dress appropriately.